Here are some cookbooks & blogs you may find useful. None are endorsed but are provided here for your interest’s sake.


  • How to Eat by Thich Nhat Hahn
  • The Thrive Diet: The Whole Foods Way to Losing Weight, Reducing Stress, & Staying Healthy for Life by B. Brazier
  • First Bites: Superfoods for Babies & Toddlers by D. White
  • Calgary Cooks Cookbook: Recipes from the City’s Top Chefs edited by G. Norton & K. Ralph
  • Eat Where You Live: How To Find And Enjoy Local And Sustainable Food No Matter Where You Live by L. Bendrick
  • Smart Bites for Baby by M. Shino
  • What to Eat When You’re Pregnant by N. Avena
  • The Coup Cooks by the Coup Restaurant Calgary
  • The Grain Brain Cookbook by D. Perlmutter
  • The Oh She Glows Cookbook: Vegan Recipes to Glow From the Inside Out by A. Liddon
  • Joyous Health: Eat and Live Well Without Dieting by J. Mccarthy
  • The Healthy Mind Cookbook by R. Katz
  • No Ordinary Apple: A Story About Eating Mindfully (children’s book) by Marlow, S. (2013)
  • Grain Brain by Perlmutter, D. (2013)
  • The Diet Cure by Ross, J. (2012)
  • Understanding Nutrition by Whitney & Rolfes (2005)
  • Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Campbell-McBride, N. (2010)


  • Vega Performance Nutrition Plan: A site that helps you personalize your nutrition plan based on gender, activity type, intensity level, & workout duration.
  • A Nutritionist Eats: Emily is a nutritionist whose philosophy on food is built around the idea that you can eat what you want, as long as you remember one key: All things in moderation.
  • Balanced Bites: Learn how to manage your blood sugar, food allergies, hormones and digestive health with holistic nutritionist Diane Sanfilippo and nutritional therapy practitioner Liz Wolfe.
  • WebMD Food & Nutrition: WebWD’s Real Life Nutrition blog offers advice and commentary on ways to improve your family’s daily health and nutrition.
  • Sarah Sarah Remmer RD gives nutrition advice that focuses on Moms, expectant Moms and growing families.


  • Eat Right Now: a mindful eating app based on science, offering a therapist at your fingertips! Daily mindful eating video lessons, 24/7 community blog & tech support offered.
  • True Food: The app lists “green” foods (which do not contain modified ingredients) & “red” foods (which do). Click on a tab and you can join up with anti-GMI activists to protest companies that make or sell “red” products. You can also locate stores that refuse to carry anything with GMOs.
  • Harvest App: this app that helps select fresh produce (i.e., Did you know that a yellow spot on the bottom of a watermelon means it ripened on the vine in the sun?!). An alphabetical directory gives tips for identifying more than 100 ripe edibles grown on trees, vines or in the ground. The app also gives such valuable storage tips as not to wash strawberries until you’re ready to eat them.
  • Glow Nurture App: for newly pregnant moms, tracks baby’s size, offers daily insights on exercise, nutrition, & how to deal with pregnancy symptoms.
  • Veggie Circus Farm App: for kids 2+, helps them recognize vegetables, teaching how to pronounce their names & basic nutrition benefits of foods.
  • Fooducate: This app lets you scan the barcode of a product or type in its name (or a kind of food, like “banana”) to uncover its total calories, fat, sodium & other ingredients. It also “scores” the food for healthiness & lets you know if the smoothie that advertises itself as super-wholesome is actually packed with calories.

Do you have books, blogs, or apps you think should be on the list? Add them in the comments below or e-mail