Mindful eating isn’t just about the act of EATING your meal or snack. It also includes the non-eating times, from meal planning to shopping to prepping. And it’s about sprinkling JOY into all of those experiences!

The founder of WHyyc has been around the globe doing market tours & cooking classes — from New York to Madrid to Paris to Istanbul to Florence to Rome to Copenhagen & beyond! But some of her very fave foods & markets are right here in our own backyard. Calgary has a great selection of both farmer’s markets & grocery stores. You can find a whole variety of whole foods to nourish your mind & body.

Services include:

  • Mindful Meal Prep & Mindful Eating  //
    • This psychology-based program involves learning how to mindfully prepare a mood-supporting meal in your own home + how to integrate the practice of mindful eating into your daily life — from grocery shopping, the cooking, to eating, to the moments that follow after your meal or snack is consumed. This includes an introductory intention setting session, an in-home experiential meal prep session for mood-supporting meals that will satisfy your 10 hungers (from eye hunger to stomach hunger to mind hunger), 1 meal with 2-4 portions included.
  • Mood & Food Therapy + Market Shopping Tour  //
    • Mood & food therapy session  + a tour of popular Calgary markets to learn about foods that support mental health.
  • Mindful Meal Prep Session for Singles + Couples + Families + Kids  //
    • Learn how to mindfully prepare a mood-supporting meal in the comfort of your own home, & get introduced to mindful eating practices & meditations. For families this includes tips on how to introduce mindful eating habits into the family dinner routine.
    • Customize this package for desired number of people, number of daily meals/snacks, & mindful eating + nutrition psychology goals.
  • Market Shopping Tour + Mindful Meal Prep Session  //

To learn more, email info@wholistichealthyyc.com