WHy Avocado // Butter of the Gods

Avocado, the pear-shaped fruit, a nutritional powerhouse with a nutty taste & buttery texture. We’ve come to call it “butter of the Gods” (we think we’re on to something). Characteristically, avocados sound pretty irresistible & yet people avoid this fruit because it’s calorie dense & has a high fat content. Many popular low-fat diets suggest eating avocados will prevent people from shedding those lbs. Such misinformation has resulted in the avocado getting a bad rap (sigh). We’re here to change your attitude about avocados so that they have a place in your diet!

The facts  //

  • avocados are a great source of mono-unsaturated fatty acids (helps to lower LDL, or bad cholesterol & increase HDL, or good cholesterol)
  • they’re a source of vitamins A, E & K
  • they’re packed with minerals, iron, copper, magnesium, & manganese
  • 100 grams provides 18% or your daily recommended intake of dietary fibre
  • 100 grams provides 10% of your daily required potassium level

Although avocados are nutrient dense, you have to be mindful of how the fruit is used in recipes. As the primary ingredient in guacamole, the popular Mexican dip may contain healthy ingredients; lime juice, garlic, jalapeño peppers & cilantro, however, those darn tortilla chips can transform this healthy dish into an unhealthy appetizer.

Fret not, WHyyc to the rescue! We’ve got some tips for you to incorporate avocados into recipes you never thought possible! Bonus, our swap out suggestions will enhance the flavour of your favourites and boost the nutrition of your meals, even desserts (yes, we said it, superfood desserts!)

The swap out //

Avocado pulp is a great substitute in recipes for some not so nutrient dense ingredients. We know that in some cases you just gotta go big or go home, avocado infused lemon meringue pie … we’ll pass too. We love a good treat every now & then, after all, life is about balance & that means being able to enjoy your favourites. With that said, the ‘swap out’ is a great way to incorporate more wholesome food in your diet.

Bake with it  //  you can substitute avocado for butter in a 1:1 ratio — to do this, scoop out the avocado & press the pulp into a measuring cup (tip: you may need to increase your wet ingredients to compensate)
Smear it  //  use avocado on toast, bagel or apple slices as a tasty alternative to some of your less wholesome fave spreads (i.e.: full fat cream cheese)
Blend it  //  throw avocado into the blender with your other fave super foods — it adds a nice creamy texture & rich nutty flavour
Puree it  //  avocados add flavour & fun into any soup! They can be used in hot or chilled soups (i.e.: hot chicken & lime avocado soup or chilled cucumber & avocado soup)
Slice it  // use avocado as a salad topper for a boost of colour and nutrition
Cream it  //  use avocado as a mayo substitute in some of your sandwich faves (i.e.: tuna salad, egg salad & chicken salad)

Selection & storage //

Avocados are readily available at markets year round. What to look for — try & find avocados that are medium in size & depending on when you need them, their desired ripeness will vary. If you require them right away or within the next couple of days, the fruit should yield slightly when light pressure is applied (gently press with fingertips). Avocados that are hard will require quite a few days to ripen. Avocados that are overripe will feel mushy to touch. Overly soft fruits should be avoided as they tend to be less flavourful (not what the gods are after). When selecting an avocado, you want to make sure it’s green, but generally the colour will range from lighter green to dark green, almost black. Avoid fruits with dark blemishes, indentations, or punctured skin.

Avocados can be stored in the fridge, a process which will slow the fruits ripening, or if you require the avocado in a few days & they are not to your desired ripeness, store in a paper bag at room temperature with a banana or apple (tip: that will speed up the ripening). In 3-5 days, they should be good-to-go!

the varieties  //  bacon, fuerte, gwen, hass, lamb hass, pinkerton, reed, zutano
{ each variety has a unique taste & texture. Make sure you find the perfect avocado to compliment your favourite recipe }

Preparation & Serving Tips  //

Do you see avocado in the market & wonder “how do you get to the good stuff?” You’re not alone! If you simply love the rich nutty flavour of avocado, you can peal back the though outer layer & slice the fruit away from its core (easy & delish). If you’re incorporating avocado into a dish, slice the avocado lengthwise. Find the seed of the fruit & circle around it with your knife (with caution people!). Twist both halves in opposite directions and pull them apart. Remove the seed, scoop out or peal away the outer skin & prepare as needed.

Psstttt … we love avocado & experimenting with it in the kitchen. Do you have a favourite dish with avocado as the feature ingredient? Or have you concocted a recipe that incorporates avocado in a unique way? Share with us, we’d love to give your faves a go! Comment below or e-mail info@wholistichealthyyc.com.

Smear it  //  our morning nosh

Spicy  //  avocado-smear with corn, black beans, salsa, lime juice & paprika on Silver Hills gluten-free omega flax bread
Sweet  //  avocado-smear with cinnamon, cocoa nibs & honey on Suzie’s brown rice, quinoa & flax thin cakes
Fresh  // avocado-smear with feta, mint and shaved cucumber on Silver Hills Mack’s Flax Bread