A Book, A Baby, & A Busy Practice

So…. it’s been a full(filling) year to say the LEAST!

A Baby

Our prayers to have another another family member join us were answered. After a difficult couple of years with fertility treatment & losing a baby at the end of the first trimester, our hearts burst meeting our newest little one in July. She is healthy & very very loved! We’ve transitioned into our family of 5, with all the chaos & fun that comes with it.

A Book

My personal dream (that I made  public by the age of 5) of being a published author has become reality! It was certainly a journey. It started when I was 17 & entered communications & broadcasting diploma & degree programs at a university & college. Then went on to pursue my master’s in counselling. Fast forward to Spring 2014… when my oldest was just 6 months old, I was out with him in the running stroller racing down a paved path. I stopped in my tracks. Heart racing, mind racing, shallow breathing. Being out on the path didn’t erase the fact I felt as though I was gasping for air as I drowned in dirty laundry, cloth diapers, parenting books, & homemade baby purees. I was wading from one play date to the next, all in this pursuit of perfect motherhood. I wasn’t breathing. At that point I didn’t know where to reach for my oxygen mask so I could help myself, let alone help my partner & children. I got home & started writing. It started with these two words: BREATHE MAMA. Fast forward to Spring 2019, & Mindful Mamas and Papas: A Mindful Living Playbook for the Whole Family was officially in print!!! You can get a quick peek at what the book is all about here. There are also select worksheets I am offering online now.

I sold out of my first book run that I received in the fall, & I had my second book run arrive in Canada (& the publisher’s warehouse in NYC) in August. You can get a copy for free local pickup or at one of my many vendors around town. You can also get a kindle copy on amazon.ca. 

Also, I’ve posted a number of digital downloads on my book website, which you can find here. From mandalas, mantras, intention setting, and DYI infographics & recipes for Buddha bowls & mason jar salads! Check it out & spread the word!

A Busy Practice

I am so passionate (understatement if I ever penned one!) about what I do, and I’m the only practitioner in Calgary who offers expertise & experience for clients in the areas of both nutritional psychology & mindful eating for all ages (along with other mindfulness-based interventions, play therapy) so I actually only took 2 weeks fully off.  I still have my cozy office in Brentwood but am also offering online video sessions to my clients, which it turns out is convenient for both me as a new mama, & my clients many of who are working professionals downtown who like midday sessions in their office or parents who like sessions mid aft during their young childrens’ naps. With baby girl now 2 months old, I’ve transitioned into more hours online & in person. My practice is booked out usually 3 weeks ahead, and evenings often book out 2 months in advance, so be sure to book ahead a few sessions!

A Big Dose of Gratitude

I am so INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL for all of my clients who have been patient as I transitioned into my life as a mom of 3 (4 if you count my book baby…). To the many, many of you who showed support for my book by boying for yourselves, sisters, friends, cousins, coworkers, grandchildren, THANK YOU! This book was made for you all.

If you have questions about my practice, my book, events I host, or frankly just a question about your journey & want some resources, NEVER hesitate to reach out. My email is sally@wholistichealthyyc.com. I became a psychologist & a writer to help people.

Warmly (on this snowy Sunday in Calgary),