Mindful Holiday Lunch ‘n Learns & Morning Mindful Meetings

The following article was written by Centaine Tyler with REAP (link to original article).

The month leading up to the holidays can be an especially stressful, overwhelming time for many Calgarians.

Registered Psychologist Sally Powis-Campbell of Wholistic Health YYC is working to help reduce that stress by helping companies around the city integrate mindfulness into their daily practices through Mindful Lunch and Learn workshops and her Mindful Morning Meetings.

For the holiday season, Wholistic Health YYC is counteracting the “emphasis on consumption” and overwhelming nature of juggling holiday tasks with an emphasis on gratitude and breath work. “I try to focus on that useful tool of taking a few deep breaths and diaphragmatic breathing.”

“It’s really about giving people tangible tools like that for the holiday season.”

“I love being out in the community,” she says. “No matter what type of business you’re in – whether you’re at a smoothie bar or an investment bank — everyone could use a little bit more awareness.”

Sally has been running her own practice since 2014, with a specialty in nutrition psychology. She is also a meditation guide and uses this stress-busting practice in both of her corporate programs.

The Mindful Morning Meetings introduce the idea of having a “slow morning” to set the tone for the day, like not checking your phone first thing in the morning and being able to just sit with your coffee for a few minutes.

The Lunch and Learns take on a longer format. Sally dives into the impact nutrition can have on our productivity and stress levels. Lunch and Learns also focus on the practice of mindful eating – going slowly and using all of your senses to “play” with your food. Sally often provides smoothie and coffee bars for her events, featuring unique ingredients and flavours.

For the holiday season, Sally will be utilizing holiday flavours at these workshops, like gingerbread smoothie bowls, Christmas dinner bone broth lattes, unbaked classic holiday cookies, and more. “We talk about feasting with our eyes and our noses as well as our mouths in mindful eating, and holiday flavours can conjure up so much for us.”

“We’re tapping into sensory memories and sharing stories of what they mean to us. We all have these strong memories associated with the holidays.”

“It’s part education, but it’s also about having an experience and building a community.”


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