Goal-Digging 1.0 // Mind

goal-digging        goaldig·ing  //  \ˈgōl \ˈdi-giŋ\
: the act of digging deep within & creating goals from the inside out to transform mind & body

Welcome to a new year, 2015! You can’t trade yourself in for a new you (you thought we were going to say “time for a new you”, didn’t you). But you can choose to set goals to be the best you. This first instalment of Goal-Digging focuses on the mind & the act of goal setting. This framework will be applied to the Whole Foods & Whole Body instalments of our Goal-Digging Series to come later this week (cue anticipation onset)!

SMART goal-setting  //

S  //  SPECIFIC  ::  goals should be specific & designed so you can hold yourself accountable
M  //  MEASURABLE  ::  have benchmarks & clear objectives, perhaps journal your progress towards your goal
A  //  ACHIEVABLE  ::  goals should be feasible — they should definitely be challenging & push you out of your comfort zone, but overall, attainable
R  //  REALISTIC  ::  set feasible goals by breaking them down into realistic mini-tasks (like a goal “to-do” list… oh how we love our to-do lists!); pick things you can DO to make your goal happen, which may include reading books or attending courses on your goal topic
T  //  TIME-SENSITIVE  ::  set a target date for goal completion that’ll give you a structure within which to plan your goal “to-do” list

celebrate success, seek support for setbacks  //

Once you’ve broken your goal down into smaller steps, or your “goal to-do list”, celebrate success along the way. It can be a great motivator to acknowledge completed “to-do’s” by giving yourself a pat on the back (or better yet treating yourself with a coffee date with a good friend, bubble bath in candlelight, a new book… thinking of ways to spoil yourself can be fun!).

Keep people around you who have a positive attitude, who support your passion & life goals, as well as share their own passions with you. Setbacks happen to all of us, no matter how hard we try. What’s important is that you deal with these setbacks in a positive way. Don’t ignore setbacks but learn from them. Ask yourself, “why did this happen” & “what can I do next time to prevent this from happening again”. Refocus & get right back to crushing those goals! Don’t forget to reach out & talk to friends, family or professionals if you’re feeling discouraged by setbacks on your journey towards your goal.

goal-digging WHyyc style  //  whole mind

We’re here to help you set your new year’s intentions (has a way better ring to it that new year’s resolutions). All our actions rely on intention, whether we’re mindful of it or not. Looking for ideas for goals for a whole mind this year? Check out our list:

  • Be more mindful: Mediate once per week
    • There’s an app for that! That’s right, you can use apps like Stop, Breathe, & Think or HeadSpace to assist in your mediation or visualization exercises.
  • Learn more: Read 12 books pre year, watch 12 documentaries
    • This goal can be broken down to smaller goals — say 1 book & documentary per month. Make it easier on the wallet by adding “get library card” or “register for Netflix” to your goal to-do list!
  • Enjoy life more: Meet with friends once a week, travel to a new place this year
    • Carve out time on your weekly to do list to grab a coffee or go for a walk with a friend
    • Traveling can be local & budget friendly! Check out a new hike in the local mountain range or a nearby lake or beach you haven’t visited before.

Life begins where your comfort zone ends. So step outside your comfort zone as you set goals for 2015.