#MindfulMarch Day 7 // Practice Yoga

Did you know yoga can be a form of meditation? True story, it’s a form of meditation known as movement meditation. It’s ideal for those of us who are restless in seated meditation. Yoga is a great way to  get the body some exercise & release physical tension & stimulate blood circulation. Now, just like all other forms of meditation & mindfulness practices — movement meditation like yoga takes practice. Lots of it!

mindful moment  ::  practice yoga

For today’s challenge, it doesn’t require you to go to a studio (though we are blessed with so many stellar studios in this city that we highly encourage you explore to find the one that fits best for you). You can go through your favourite series on your mat at home, or in your office. Or, if you prefer a more guided practice, you can access yoga videos on YouTube & other streaming yoga class websites online to do in the comfort of your own home.

Now, an added challenge. Try to put those to-do lists to the side of your mat. Set an intention for your practice. Really work on what we’ve been tapping into this past week. Use your breath as your anchor. Ground your feet into the ground. Be present on your mat. You will get so much more out of your practice this way. Push yourself, but not to compete with others around you, but simply to explore the limits of your comfort, & your edges, the sensations that come up for you. This is YOUR practice. Make it about you.

30 day mindfulness challenge recap  //

We’re doing a 30 day mindfulness challenge, dubbed #MindfulMarch. Why? because it’s been shown you have to do a desired task or behaviour 20-30 days in a row in order to make it a ‘daily habit’. All month we’ll give you daily mindfulness exercises to do & we invite you to share your mindfulness journey with us on social media!

can’t get enough mindfulness?  

Looking for more mindful moments? Stay tuned, as we’ll be doling them out daily for the month of March. If you’re looking for more mindfulness or psychology services, contact our Psychologist Sally at sally@wholistichealthyyc.com.