Mommy Mindfulness

no, we don’t want you to add ‘be mindful’ to your endless TO DO LIST — mindful minutes are exercises that can be slipped into your daily routine to make a significant impact on your mental health & wellness

Mom. Mindfulness. Do those 2 concepts seem like an oxymoron to you? Moms have a lot of roles to play. Chef, cleaner, teacher, family coordinator, chauffeur, cheerleader. You name it, we take on those roles! But somewhere in there are plenty of opportunities to have mindful minutes.Mothers meditation

Scientific research with adults shows Mindfulness decreases stress, depression, anxiety, & enhances compassion & empathy. It also boosts executive functioning, which is a term used to describe processes of goal-directed behavior, planning, organized search, & impulse control.

Looking for a mindful activity you can fit into your busy day as a mom (insert head nod here)? Try this one out!

The Reset Breath

This exercise is quick & easy — so much so that you can likely find a few minutes in today to squeeze it in!

This 3-7-4 reset breath exercise improves focus, attention & well-being. You can do it as many times a day as you like. (Please note: this exercise may make you feel lightheaded or dizzy. Make sure you are sitting and your body is safe.)

  1. Find a comfortable, seated position with your spine relatively straight. Close your eyes.
  2. Take 2 to 3 full, cleansing breaths, in through the nose & out through the mouth, to release tension of the day. The exhale should be relaxed; allow gravity to take the air out of your lungs. The belly should be relaxed – give it a chance to hang out!
  3. Place 1 hand on your lower belly. Place the other hand on your upper chest. Take a full, deep inhale to the count of 3. Feel the breath rise like a wave, starting in the lower belly and flowing up to & filling your upper chest.
  4. Hold the breath at the top for a count of 7.
  5. Exhale to the count of 3. The exhale should be relaxed, like you’re letting out a sigh at the end of a long day.
  6. After your 4th round of inhaling and exhaling, exhale fully, drop your hands, & feel the release of your tension & stress.
  7. Stop to draw awareness to how you feel. Witness how you feel. After a few moments, allow your breath to re-enter your body & return to normal. When you’re ready, open your eyes, smile & go on with your busy day!

Stay tuned for more tips on how to integrate mommy mindful minutes into your day! Also, contact us if you’re interested in WHyyc seminars or therapy focussed on your mindfulness practices with our psychologist. You can contact us directly at