Tech & Your Tots to Teens

Technology use is a hot topic these days. There is confusion, shaming, guilt, craving related behaviour. Among young and old. For the parents out there, who like myself, would like tips & tricks for tech use, I’ve compiled a few of my favourite resources I’ve recently come across!

Screen Time For Babies & Toddlers

Read this recent article from Common Sense Media to learn what & how much screen time to consider when it comes to TV, movies, games, and apps for your little one.


5 Teacher-Approved Apps to Support Learning for Kindergarteners

Full disclosure, my oldest just entered kindergarten & this is really on my (our!) minds! Fortunately, several high-quality apps are available to help kindergartners start the year off right.


Teens & Social Media Experiences

Read this piece exploring teens & their social media experiences today. Social media platforms are central to every aspect of teens’ lives, from how they stay in touch with friends to how they engage with politics. & constantly refreshing their social feeds can feel simultaneously positive & negative: Teens say social media strengthens their relationships but also distracts them from in-person connection.


Mindfulness Apps for Kids & Teens

I’d be amiss to not share some well-researched, well-loved, & effective mindfulness apps I’ve come across! Kids of all ages can reap the benefits of meditation and mindfulness using technology.