nutrition    nu·tri·tion // n(y)o͞oˈtriSH(ə)n/
: the science that interprets the interaction of nutrients & other substances in food in relation to maintenance, growth, reproduction, health & disease of an organism; it includes food intake, absorption, assimilation, biosynthesis, catabolism and&excretion.

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I founded Wholistic Health YYC after completing undergraduate, master’s & post-graduate certifications in nutrition-psychology & mindful eating. As a competitive athlete, business owner & mom with 4 young children, I respect you want to make the best food choices but struggle to digest the plethora of material out there on “healthy eating”, “nutrition”, fad diets, & such. I’m here to educate you on the benefits of foods and eating habits that can offer mental & physical health. 

Social media bombards society with the countless celebrity endorsed diets (tricks to shed those last 10lbs before summer… sound familiar?), images of the ‘perfect’ body, & food fads that tells you to eliminate certain foods because of their perceived harmfulness or incorporating foods because of their ‘newly discovered’ health benefits. But just how sustainable are these trends? Not to mention the cost associated with them. Even though there’s endless information at our fingertips, its a tricky job sifting through it all & try to make sense of it (that’s what I’m here for).

I strive to collaborate with clients over eating behaviours, physical & mental health, & biological processes to create a sustainable relationship with food for clients, from the WHY to the HOW to the WHAT you choose to fuel your body & mind.


In a nutshell (foodie pun intended!), nutritional psychology involves the science of how foods & nutrients affect mood, behaviour & emotions. In sessions in person or online, you can learn which food groups contain the nutrients that synthesize mood-stabilizing neurotransmitters in the brain, & how a deficiency in these nutrients can lead to depression, fatigue, insomnia, moodiness, obesity & carbohydrate cravings. Macronutrient Mood Therapy uses diet as a therapeutic means to support & improve mood & mental health by:

  • Sustaining neurotransmitter production (chemicals that impact mood) through protein & complex carb intake.
  • Reducing inflammation & oxidative stress by incorporating plant foods.
  • Improving brain function by incorporating healthy fats.
  • Stabilizing hormones by incorporating lean protein & healthy fats.
  • Reducing effects of stress-related eating (think junk food binging caused by a stressful workday) by stabilizing dietary intake with supportive foods, helping to eliminate the intake of poor nutrition to mediate stressful feelings.


Mindful Eating is a practice that aims to reconnect us more deeply with the experience of eating — & enjoying — our food. Nutrition Psychology is the psychological study of how cognitive choices, such as meal decisions, influence nutrition, psychological health, and overall health. It’s always a part of our work in nutritional psychology, and can be done apart from it to bring mindful moments into your day with food.


Sally is honoured to collaborate with local food producers & organic food sellers to host public events in Calgary & across Canada! She hosts private groups, public events, and even online programs. Please contact for more information.