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The founder of WHyyc has been around the globe doing market tours & cooking classes — from New York to Madrid to Paris to Istanbul to Florence to Rome to Copenhagen & beyond! But some of her very fave foods & markets are right here in our own backyard. Calgary has a great selection of both farmer’s markets & grocery stores. You can find a whole variety of whole foods to nourish your mind & body.

Need help navigating the market, your own pantry, or your kitchen? Or, looking for a fun girl’s afternoon or night in? WHyyc does healthified cooking parties, teaching you & your friends some of our fave recipes in nibble & sip on in a hands-on fashion.

Services include:

  • Nutritional psychology counselling & assessments   //
    • include a 3-Day Food Journal for Mood (3-DFJM), which is a tool that allows simple assessment of the impact daily dietary intake is likely having on mood. Based on the results of the 3-DFJM, a method of nutritional remediation called Macronutrient Mood Therapy (MMT) can be applied.
  • Mindful Meal Prep & Mindful Eating  //
    • This psychology-based program involves learning how to mindfully prepare a mood-supporting meal in your own home + how to integrate the practice of mindful eating into your daily life — from grocery shopping, the cooking, to eating, to the moments that follow after your meal or snack is consumed. This includes an introductory intention setting session, an in-home experiential meal prep session for mood-supporting meals that will satisfy your 10 hungers (from eye hunger to stomach hunger to mind hunger), 1 meal with 2-4 portions included.
  • Mood & Food Therapy + Market Shopping Tour  //
    • Mood & food therapy session  + a tour of popular Calgary markets to learn about foods that support mental health.
  • Mindful Meal Prep Session for Singles + Couples + Families + Kids  //
    • Learn how to mindfully prepare a mood-supporting meal in the comfort of your own home, & get introduced to mindful eating practices & meditations. For families this includes tips on how to introduce mindful eating habits into the family dinner routine.
    • Customize this package for desired number of people, number of daily meals/snacks, & mindful eating + nutrition psychology goals.
  • Market Shopping Tour + Mindful Meal Prep Session  //
  • In-Home Private Cooking Class & Mindful Dining Lesson  //
    • 4 class options (or inquire about custom lessons!): 
      • (1) your favourite comfort foods healthified
      • (2) your favourite sweets (granola, pies, cookies & muffins) healthified 
      • (3) ladies night healthified appies & beverages cooking party 
      • (4) mindful eating + meal prep for kids

Payment can be made by cash, cheque, or credit card.

To learn more, contact us at info@wholistichealthyyc.com

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