nutritional psychology is an emerging field within psychology. the approach examines the biophysiological processes that explain how our environment & what we put in our body affects the functioning of our mind & body.

In a nutshell (foodie pun intended!), nutritional psychology involves the science of how foods & nutrients affect mood, behaviour & emotions.

Learn which food groups contain the nutrients that synthesize mood-stabilizing neurotransmitters in the brain, & how a deficiency in these nutrients can lead to depression, fatigue, insomnia, moodiness, obesity & carbohydrate cravings.

WHyyc’s Nutritional psychology counselling & assessments include a 3-Day Food Journal for Mood (3-DFJM), which is a tool that allows simple assessment of the impact daily dietary intake is likely having on mood. Based on the results of the 3-DFJM, a method of nutritional remediation called Macronutrient Mood Therapy (MMT) can be applied.

Macronutrient Mood Therapy uses diet as a therapeutic means to support & improve mood & mental health by:

  • Sustaining neurotransmitter production (chemicals that impact mood) through protein & complex carb intake.
  • Reducing inflammation & oxidative stress by incorporating plant foods.
  • Improving brain function by incorporating healthy fats.
  • Stabilizing hormones by incorporating lean protein & healthy fats.
  • Reducing effects of stress-related eating (think junk food binging caused by a stressful workday) by stabilizing dietary intake with supportive foods, helping to eliminate the intake of poor nutrition to mediate stressful feelings.

For many clients, pairing nutritional psychology MMT with mindfulness training, especially mindful eating training, is a good fit. This doesn’t require signing up for a year’s worth of session with our psychologist. The goal is to give you the tools necessary for you to have the healthiest whole body & whole body with the assistance of whole foods & psychoeducational training. You can get the basics in as few as 4 sessions with the psychologist, in addition to work you’ll do between sessions to help your wholesome journey!

If Nutritional Psychology & Macronutrient Mood Therapy &/or Mindfulness Training sound like a fit for you, contact Registered Psychologist Sally Powis-Campbell for a consultation to learn more! E-mail