A listing of books, blogs & apps that you may find useful on the topics of mind-body health & wellness. None are endorsed but simply provided here for your interest’s sake. Almost all of the books are also available at the public library for free!


  • Mindful Mamas and Papas by Powis-Campbell, S. (2019)
  • Sitting Still Like a Frog: Mindfulness Exercises for Kids (and Their Parents) by Snel, E. (2013)
  • Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism by Gropper, S. & Smith, J. (2013)
  • Depression: Advancing the Treatment Paradigm by Hedaya, R. (2008)
  • Health Psychology: Biopsychosocial Interactions by Sarafino, E. (2014)
  • Understanding Nutrition by Whitney & Rolfes (2005)
  • Why Isn’t My Brain Working? by Kharrazian, D. (2013)


  • www.playwiththeworld.com
  • www.headspace.com
  • www.mindful.com


  • Headspace App
  • The Art of Mental Training by DC Gonzalez
  • iPerformance Sport & Performance Psychology Mental Skills Trainer App