not only do children & adolescents understand & embrace mindfulness, research suggests they can reap benefits from practicing mindfulness that are similar to those documented in adults

Mindfulness isn’t just for adults — It’s such a great tool to teach kids! Children as young as 3 years old can learn to attend to their breath & 5 senses, as well as their thoughts & emotions. Older children & adolescents can attend to impulses & actions.

There is a growing body of research  in the field of Mindfulness practice with children & adolescents. Existing recent research suggests mindfulness practice can result in significant increases in attention & social skills, & decreases in test anxiety & ADHD behaviours¹. Other researchers who taught Mindfulness to adolescents saw participants reporting reduced symptoms of anxiety, depression & physical distress, along with increased self-esteem & sleep quality². Evidence also suggests children who used mindfulness practices more frequently reported higher wellbeing & lower stress scores³.

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