Parenthood. Mindfulness. Do those two concepts seem like an oxymoron to you?

Moms have a lot of roles to play. Chef, cleaner, teacher, family coordinator, chauffeur, cheerleader. You name it, we take on those roles! But let’s not forget the dads! In this modern day we’re seeing baby wearing dads & dads who are more involved in home management!

parenting is the TOUGHEST job. yes it’s the most rewarding, but when one’s not present a majority of the time, it’s hard to find those moments of joy. time management is a daily struggle. but, as a mama to 4 kids under 10, entrepreneur, I appreciate and have ideas for how we can as parents find mindful moments throughout the day.

No, I don’t want you to add ‘be mindful’ to your endless TO DO LIST (as if you need something ELSE on it!). Rather, mindful moments are exercises that can be slipped into your daily routine & hopefully make a significant impact in a positive direction on your mental health & wellness.

Mindfulness is a skill anyone can develop. It can be applied to anything that arises in your life, from the joyous moments to the most challenging or traumatic events. It doesn’t depend on your gender, age, IQ, physical strength, stamina, or require any special talents. But, as with any skill, mindfulness requires one learn the basic tools to apply it to life, & it requires practice over an extended period of time. All that work won’t be for naught, as mindfulness has the potential to bring you immediate rewards!

scientific research with adults has shown Mindfulness decreases stress, depression, anxiety, & enhances compassion & empathy. it also boosts executive functioning, which is a term used to describe processes of goal-directed behavior, planning, organized search, & impulse control.

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WHyyc strives to provide Mindfulness Therapy to clients. Services, delivered by Registered Psychologist Sally Powis-Campbell. Sally offers mindful parenting support (working with moms & dads on integrating mindfulness practices into their busy lives). She also provides children’s & teens therapy (offering traditional talk therapy & teaching through books, games, practice, as well as teaching parents activities to do in the home with their children).