WHy Grains  //  Guide to the Healthiest Whole Grains

WHy not refined carbs  //

Have you heard the rumour you should nix carbs from your diet? Like everything, there’s some truth to that suggestion. Did you know, research has shown 95% of grains we eat are refined¹ (put that bagel down & listen up). Consuming large quantities of refined carbs, including but not limited to, white bread, cookies, cakes, sugary cereals, & candy, can lead to episodes of ‘carbohydrate depression’ & ‘carbohydrate addiction.’ Do you constantly crave carbohydrate-rich foods? These feelings can be partly attributed to the rapid rise of blood sugar levels. What does this mean? For starters, some foods have a higher glycemic index (GI) than others, meaning that your body can more easily convert carbs into glucose. As a result, your blood glucose levels raise more rapidly than if you were to eat foods that have a low GI such as vegetables & some fruits. The rate at which low GI foods are converted into glucose is slower, prompting more stable blood sugar levels. The GI is a good tool to use when trying to monitor weight & prevent the onset of diabetes & heart disease.

WHy whole grains  //

Did you know, carbohydrates are the primary & preferred source of energy used to carry out all body function? (That’s right, not your morning or mid-aft latte!) For that reason, whole grains should have a spot on your plate! But wait, there’s more (our best ever infomercial attempt). The benefits of eating whole grains is well documented. Here’s a sneak peak at just a few:

  • Stroke risk reduced by 30-36%
  • Type 2 diabetes risk reduced by 21-30%
  • Heart disease risk reduced by 25-28%
  • Better weight maintenance²

While brown rice & whole grain bread are a good start, we don’t want you to stop there. There’s an ABUNDANCE of healthy & nutritious whole grain options to fuel that body of yours (who’s up for a pantry overhaul?). And guess what, we’ve done the legwork for you! We’ve put together a list of the healthiest whole grains we think you should start putting on your plate. Are you ready for a carb overload? (not that kind).

choose your grain  //

Amaranth  //  gluten free

  • source of fibre, low in sugar, high in protein, very high in calcium

Barley  //  contains gluten

  • source of fibre & protein, low in fat

Kamut  //  contains gluten

  • considered a high energy grain due to its higher percentage of lipids which produce more energy than carbohydrates
  • 40% higher protein than regular wheat & up to 65% higher amino acids & has more lipids and fatty acids

millet  //  gluten free

  • good source of protein & high calcium content

oats  //  available with gluten & gluten free

  • soluble fibre & one of the highest protein levels of any other grain

quinoa  //  gluten free

  • high protein content & high fibre, is a complete protein

spelt  //  contains gluten

  • high in protein & an excellent course of whole fibre

get cooking with grains  //

It’s well known that we love getting creative in the kitchen & putting our WH spin on popular Pinterest dishes. That being said, there are some recipes that need no tweaking, & the Life Changing Loaf of Bread is one of those recipes. This loaf is healthy & whole & can be topped with sweet or savoury ingredients to satisfy any craving.

We love that this bread uses whole grains, nut & seeds, & that it’s not refined like many store-bought breads. We’ll bet that once you make this loaf, you’ll be hooked (confession, we bake in bulk & had to freeze our multiple loaves otherwise they’d have been inhaled in a matter of days). Are you ready for the recipe? Click here, & visit Sarah at My New Roots & get ready for some edible inspirations from one of our fave whole food bloggers.