Womelette // omelette meets waffle maker

I’m a lover of playing in the kitchen, & plays on words, so this new womelette trend on insta had me hooked from the start! Not to mention it’s a recipe that features one of my fave Brain Foods, EGGS! (Learn more about why WHyyc loves eggs is this post)

so what is this womelette?  //

womelette = waffle + omelette

I’ve been following the trend of womelettes on Insta & on health-foodie blogs–basically any omelette concoction you can think of tossed in a waffle maker instead of a pan. 

Fun food fact: The first written waffle recipe dates back to the 14th century while the first omelette recipe dates back to the 16th century

why to love the womelette  //

There are SO many reasons I’m happy to have found this little trick. 

  • First, I don’t know about you but my fave part of omelettes are the crispy edge bits. With the waffle maker on high heat, EVERY BITE is a crispy bit (can y’all feel my excitement here?!). 
  • Second, this is a quick meal prep option. You can make the omelette base (eggs, s&p, milk) in a few different bowls, the add any mixture you feel like in each! 
  • Third, because they are so crispy, you (or your kiddos, as mine is doing as I post!) can eat WITH YOUR HANDS!  

the basic womelette recipe  //

Ingredients ::

  • Oil or butter to grease waffle iron
  • 5 eggs
  • 1/3 cup milk (optional–I like with & without milk!)
  • Salt & Pepper

Directions ::

  1. Heat waffle iron (I use the large belgian style All Clad brand)
  2. Crack eggs in a small bowl & whisk. Whisk with milk if desired. Add any ingredients you want at this time (inspiration below in this post!)
  3. Pour egg mixture onto the waffle iron. 
  4. Cook for 3-5 mins. Like cooking a traditional omelette, you’ll know it’s done when it starts to brown & crisp around the edges. 
  5. Carefully pick the womelette off the hot iron using a spatula & transfer to a plate. 
  6. Top if you like! My fave is just a classic cheese & egg womelette topped with organic avocado & hot sauce!

womelette combo inspo  //

  • GARDENER: Omelette mix + smoked gouda + thyme + rosemary + chopped sundried tomatoes + garlic  {topped with guacamole 
  • BROCCOLI & CHEESE Omelette mix + cheddar + broccoli + spinach 
  • FARMER: Omelette mix + ham + dill + mushroom
  • MEDITERRANEAN: Omelette mix + halved cherry tomatoes + olives + bell peppers + kale or spinach {topped with hummus}
  • SPANISH: Omelette mix + cooked chorizo sausage + black beans + manchego cheese + green bell pepper  {topped with salsa & sour cream}
  • LEAN MACHINE: Omelette mix made with just egg whites (whites of about 8-9 eggs) + black beans + paprika + chopped avocado