Hello! Welcome to Wholistic Health YYC. My name is Sally Powis-Campbell. I’m a Registered Psychologist in the Province of Alberta who founded this practice in order to share & support the Calgary community & beyond from a WHOLISTIC standpoint to health care. I provide a unique skill set to support my clients reach their full potential in both mental & physical health. Some of my specializations include Nutritional Psychology, Eating Disorder Counselling, Sports Psychology, Mindful Living for all ages, individually or for families & groups, Mindful Eating Coaching, Mindfulness & Eating Practices for Athletes, as well as Psychoeducational & Intellectual Testing for children & teens (that takes into account the whole person). I’m also a trained yoga teacher & a meditation guide.

Counselling is available for all ages, from toddlers to adultsCounselling can be done in-person or via eCounselling.

In-person options include in WHyyc’s office, at a fitness facility (if treating for sport psychology on nutritional psychology), or in the comfort of the client’s home if appropriate (great option for moms with newborns or toddlers on a set nap schedule!). The eCounselling options include telephone, FaceTime, Skype & e-mail. eCounselling is ideal for individuals who are required to be out-of-town for business, or who can’t make it into the office for a variety of other reasons.

Services include  //

      • for all ages for issues including but not limited to anxiety, depression, pre&post fitness competition, eating disorders, learning & attention. 
      • Includes a 3-Day Food Journal for Mood (3-DFJM), which is a tool that allows simple assessment of the impact daily dietary intake is likely having on mood. Based on the results of the 3-DFJM, a method of nutritional remediation called Macronutrient Mood Therapy (MMT) can be applied.
      • WHyyc offers mindful meal prep and mindful dining services. For more details, check out this page.
      • Regarding behavior, sleep, anxiety, depression, routine setting, teaching mindfulness based practices into the family routine, as well as learning & attention challenges you may be facing with your children.
      • Initial consultation with parents/guardians
      • Review of academic reports
      • Behaviour assessment questionnaires for parents & teachers (psychoeducational assessment only)
      • Psychological testing
      • Tests administered are the WPSSI IV (pre-school age), or WISC V & the WIAT III (grades K/1–12)
      • Development of the psychological report
      • Review session with parents
      • Depending on consultations & number of assessments completed, prices vary.
    • WORKSHOPS    //
      • On topics related to mindfulness, learning, behavior, teens, nutritional psychology, mindful eating, mindful movement & more.
      • check WHyyc’s events page to learn about upcoming workshops
      • Topics can be suggested by hiring group, so long as in the psychologist’s repertoire. Popular topics include mindfulness for the workplace, as research shows it could be an effective intervention to target high stress levels, concentration, sleep quality, & autonomic balance5.

If you’re interested in any of the above services, or would like to inquire about services that are not listed, please e-mail info@wholistichealthyyc.com. No referral required for appointments.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque, e-transfer, paypal, or credit card.

Who pays for psychological services?  //

Private psychological services are not covered by Alberta Health Services. However, for many people the cost of accessing psychological services can be offset through employee benefits or additional insurance coverage. The Psychologists’ Association of Alberta 2017 recommended fee schedule is $190 per hour for individual, couples, family counselling & assessments, as well as $60 per hour for group sessions. The treatment “hour” is usually 50 minutes allowing 10 minutes from each hour for after-session notes & other services. At the end of each session, clients are issued a receipt for psychological counselling services that may be used to obtain reimbursement from employee benefits or insurance company.

How many sessions will I need?  //

How many sessions you’ll need depends on the presenting concern, complexity, severity & duration, as well as your personal motivation for dealing with presenting concerns. For some issues people can experience significant improvement in only a few sessions. Together, we can work together to estimate how many sessions you’ll require. However, ultimately, it’s your decision as to how many sessions you need, & clients are free to withdraw from services at any point.

Recommended fee schedule for Psychologists practicing in Alberta is $190/hour.
Coverage for Psychological Services may be reimbursed in full or in part by extended healthcare benefits.
Based on consultations, test administration, & report writing.
Clients are billed separately for psychology time per workshop for insurance purposes.
5RQ Wolever et al, “Effective and viable mind-body stress reduction in the workplace: a randomized control trial”, 2012